Cycle Superhighways date set, as cyclists back 10 mayoral priorities

photo The mayor's Cycle Superhighways will be ready for a 19 July 2010 launch date

The mayor has announced a 19 July 2010 launch date for the first two Cycle Superhighways, at the same time as publishing growth figures of 14% in two years and a 10-point plan to encouraging more cycling.

Welcoming the growth in cycling, LCC joined the UK’s major cycling organisations, along with the NHS, the police, London Councils and other signatories, in backing 10 cycling priorities set out by Mayor Boris Johnson.

LCC’s chief executive Koy Thomson said, "Cycling must be recognised as a major transport mode, as stated in the mayor’s first priority, in all road schemes and urban plans – only then will the one third of Londoners who would like to cycle experience the conditions of a truly cyclised city.

"We want to see these 10 mayoral points result in concrete changes in transport and planning  budgets and actions both within TfL and across the London boroughs."

Other cycling organisations backing the 10 points include CTC, British Cycling and Sustrans.

The 10 cycling points are:

  1. Cycling recognised as a major transport mode right across the capital, from central London to the outer boroughs
  2. Streets and spaces where everyone respects each other’s right to use the road, where they stick to the rules of the road, and where everyone recognises their duty of care to other road users
  3. A reduction in cycling casualties, with a particular focus on reducing the risk of collisions between cyclists and HGVs
  4. An increase in secure cycle-parking on streets, in workplaces, and at stations and schools
  5. Cycle theft tackled through dedicated police attention so people can be confident they’ll find their bike where they locked it
  6. Cycling promoted as an enjoyable, everyday, healthy activity
  7. Cycling embedded into the way our city is planned and run
  8. Investment in cycling maximised – from both the private and public sectors
  9. Key partners working together to deliver cycling initiatives
  10. New routes and opportunities for commuting, leisure and local cycling trips 

The Mayor’s Cycling Revolution document, prefaced by the 10 points, can be seen at :

The full list of organisations backing the 10 points is

  • London Councils
  • Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)
  • ustrans      
  • NLA - the centre for London's built environment
  • British Cycling
  • London First
  • Bicycle Association
  • Cycling England
  • Metropolitan Police Service 
  • London Cycling Campaign
  • City of London Police
  • NHS London
  • Royal Parks
  • Freight Transport Association
  • CTC 
  • Princes Foundation for the Built Environment