Cyclesafe junctions at Oval great for London cyclists

 The road junctions at Oval triangle have been a major hazard to cyclists on Cycle Superhighway 7 and for people coming from Brixton and Camberwell.

The new plans shown by Transport for London this week will transform the junction with three "Cyclesafe" junctions. These will allow cyclists a separate phase at the traffic lights removing the risk of being hit by left turning vehicles.

London Cycling Campaign have been proposing this type of junction as an essential element for bringing London up to international standards as a cycling City. After the disappointing proposals for the Elephant and Castle, the plans for the Oval are the first real benefits cyclists will see from the Mayor's Better Junction Review programme started in 2012.

The new junctions are on Kennington Park Road and at the junction of Brixton road with Camberwell New road. Motor vehicles will be banned from making left turns into Harleyford road at Oval tube station. This is where Catriona Patel was killed by a left turning lorry in June 2009.

There will be a bus stop by-pass for cyclists heading for Clapham on Cycle Superhighway 7 after the Brixton road junction.

Ashok Sinha, CEO of London Cycling Campaign, said: "We welcome this dramatic improvement for cyclists on major commuting routes into London. We will be examining the details to suggest further improvements. Finally the Mayor's Better Junctions process is beginning to deliver."

These plans compliment the bold scheme for Cycle Superhighway 5 down Harleyford Road  with protected lanes through Vauxhall Cross and over the river to Belgravia.

Visit the TfL Consultation Website to see full size plans and more details.