Fitness advice from a cycling yoga instructor


Yoga for cyclists
photo The downward dog pose.


Verity, a cyclist and a yoga teacher, is keen to share the benefits of Yoga for cyclists.

For regular cyclists, it is important to have a well adjusted bike to avoid back and neck aches in the long term. But even those of us with the most back and neck friendly bike cycle every day in a hunched forward position, with shoulders, hips, wrists and neck short and tight. Verity calls this the prawn position.

To give your body a chance to recover from the prawn position, yoga positions such as the downward dog, the pigeon hip stretch and the low lunge can be helpful.

Verity’s next yoga for cyclists session is on 5th March at the Evolve Yoga Centre in South Kensington. For more info, you can contact her by email.

If you are based in North London, you can contact Rebecca Bogue on 079 6006 6045. She runs regular classes addressing cyclists typical physical tendencies.

Or you could try Stretching the City in Islington who will be running a cycling specific yoga workshop on 19th March. You can contact Sally by email or phone 078 7940 5415.