Cycling and Art

Anne-Sophie Cochevelou is a young designer and recent graduate with an MA in Performance Practice & Design from Central St. Martin's College - having come along to one of our London by Cycle events she agreed to share her thoughts on the links between cycling and art and design.


I love cycling, recycling and up-cycling. For me, there is an intricate link between cycling and the artist's way of life.  That is why I named my blog cycling in heels.




I created this special dress made with Hi-Viz jackets in order to be safe and stylish on the road. People are always asking me "did you cycle like this?" For me, just because you are cycling you don't have to renounce a certain style, as long as you are not wearing white flare trousers or pencil skirt there is nothing which can stop you from cycling. It is actually more easy to cycle in heels than to walk in heels! 

The artist is like the cyclist, a bit of an outsider - a hybrid creature between the motorist and the pedestrian,  threading his way among the continuous flow of traffic, taking shortcuts, leaving the hideaway for more hazardous and adventurous ways. 

The cyclist takes his own destiny into his hands. He uses his own energy to travel like the artist uses himself as a material for his art.  To be on time, the cyclist has only to rely on himself.  If you want to go faster you can pedal harder. As a cyclist, you are never stuck by a strike or an incident on the road. You can always find alternative way to sort out your trip and reach your final destination.  

Like the artist, the cyclist is independent but vulnerable at the same time.  Fragile on the road among the cars which are sometimes passing by to close, or deviated off its trajectory by strong gust of winds like a silk paper butterfly. 



The cyclist has the luxury to decide to get lost, just following the sun, his intuition, looking at the maps on the street as a last resort. Slower than driving a car, faster than walking, cycling is actually the perfect pace to get suffused by the world around you and explore all the creative potential of an urban environment. Your mind reaches this state of active daydream (even if of course you have to be aware of the traffic around you!). The strange shape of a building, the bright colour of a bin in the street, sometimes they suddenly catch your eye. With cycling, you can just stop, go backtrack and lock your bike wherever you want.

Sometimes as an artist, you feel stuck and uninspired. Just go for a ride. Because your body is motion, your mind starts to be in motion too. The stream of your consciousness will connect intimately with your pedal movement. By activating this dynamic circle, ideas come. I always have my best ideas while I am riding my bike, and I wish I could just stop and write it down on my notebook. This is this moment you wish red lights could last longer! 


You can find out more about Anne-Sophie and her designs on her blog, or on her facebook page.