Cycling and the June 2004 GLA Elections

The London Cycling Campaign met all of London's Mayoral candidates and asked them to agree the following 10 point manifesto, and they have.

You can still ask your London Assembly member to support cycling by asking them to sign up to this manifesto.

LCC's borough groups have used this manifesto to ask their local London Assembly candidates if they would support cycling and sign up to this plan.  Some borough groups organised meetings (called hustings) where the candidates addressed the electors.


A 10-point plan for London’s Mayor and Assembly candidates to promote cycling, so as to reduce dependence on the car and improve the health and well-being of all Londoners.

1. Guaranteed funding to deliver the full TfL London Cycling Action Plan, including the London Cycle Network+

2. 20mph as the standard speed limit in all streets where Londoners live, work or shop, and a radical expansion in the number of home zones

3. Free cycle training for every London schoolchild, including on-road training

4. Safe routes to school for all London’s children, with sufficient secure cycle parking at all London schools by end 2006

5. Sufficient secure cycle parking at all major London rail, tube and bus stations by end 2005, and as a legal requirement in all new developments

6. A major campaign of action on cycle theft, with cycle theft reduction targets for all London boroughs and a London-wide database of stolen cycles

7. Enforcement of all cycle lanes, cycle gaps and advance stop lines by a Green Route Patrol, including using the same decriminalised enforcement as currently exists for bus lanes

8. A concerted action plan in conjunction with all other relevant agencies to prevent cyclists’ deaths from HGVs and skip lorries

9. A dedicated programme to open up cycle corridors across key green spaces and along London’s waterways

10. A major programme to reallocate road space and priority to cycling and walking, including the upgrading and widening of cycle lanes

Central London has seen a 30% increase in the number of cyclists since the introduction of the congestion charge. Now let’s unlock cycling’s full potential.