Cycling centre stage in electoral campaign as Mayor unveils new programme

 Credit: Adrian Lewis

Ken Livingstone has placed cycling high on the Mayoral election agenda with promises for 12 cycling super-highways, a mass Parisian-style cycle scheme and cycle friendly zones in outer boroughs.

London Cycling Campaign welcomes the step-change in political commitment. LCC Chief Executive Koy Thomson said:

“While the target for a 400% increase by 2025 is not new, the shift in political leadership and vision is. Cycling is emerging both as a major public transport mode and as a mark of a modern cosmopolitan city at ease with itself and its global responsibilities. All of the major Mayoral candidates have rightly identified cycling’s strategic role in transforming London. Ken Livingstone has set the bar high.”

LCC cautions that if it were easy to promote cycling in London it would have happened already.

“The key is in the delivery, both this new programme and the previous commitment to complete the London Cycle Network Plus. We will be looking for changes in Transport for London’s management and spending structures to reflect cycling as the fourth transport mode alongside buses, trains and tubes. We are also looking to the Mayor to drop his support for a proposed law to enable council officials to forcibly remove parked cycles from railings. This will stop dead the growth in cycling.” said Tom Bogdanowicz, LCC’s campaigns manager.

Susie Morrow of Wandsworth Cycling Campaign, an LCC local group said:

“If this programme inspires Wandsworth and other London Boroughs to become model cycling and walking boroughs we will achieve the Mayor’s cycling target twice as fast and by 2025 we will have doubled it. This will require local authorities to work closely with local organisations and citizens to create firm plans for liveable, people friendly boroughs.”

LCC’s electoral campaign manifesto calls for the cycle hire scheme that the Mayor has now promised as well as a 20 mph speed limit, increased cycle confidence training and tougher action to stop cycle theft. You can see the LCC manifesto by following the link on the right.

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