Cycling from Tufnell Park to Crouch Hill

The council would like our comments on a proposed cycle route from Tufnell Park to Crouch Hill.

The proposed route from Tufnell Park is:

· Along Tufnell Park Rd
· Left into Dalmeny Rd
· Right into Tytherton Rd
· Left into Yerbury Rd
· Through Whittington Park
· Over Holloway Rd into Davenant Rd
· Left into Kiver Rd
· Right into Marlborough Rd and Hanley Rd where it stops at the junction with Stroud Green Rd & Crouch Hill


· Right into Hatchard Rd
· Left into Sussex Way
· Right into Courtald Rd where it peters out at the bottom of Hazellville Rd.

Much of this route is already an LCN cycle routes and this is a good opportunity for us to comment on both current and proposed facilities and make suggestions for alternatives.

If you have any suggestions please contact the current ICAG Coordinator.