Cycling in parks and on canal and river paths

London's parks are managed either by the local council or the Royal Parks Agency. The Corporation of London manages open spaces both inside and outside the City of London.

We work with other user groups and all the relevant authorities to increase the level of safe cycling in parks and along waterways.

London has several small rivers and canals offering direct, traffic-free routes. London's many parks provide an opportunity for pleasant cycling conditions and useful short cuts. However, conflicts with pedestrians can occur when cyclists go too fast or too close without warning, so we support and promote considerate cycling with priority for pedestrians at all times.

The river Thames path is not continuous in London, but many stretches are open. LCC maps show this and other useful routes - see "London Route Maps" for more info.

Most waterways in London are managed by British Waterways. Towpaths often have barriers to keep out motorbikes, but the design of these barriers can be awkward for cyclists. LCC campaigners continue to lobby British Waterways to improve this situation.

The Parks and Canal Group, one of LCC’s campaigning committees, works to improve cycling access to London's parks and canal towpaths. If you would like to get involved with the Parks and Canals group, get in touch.