Cycling wrapping paper

Cycling Wrapping Paper

If you’ve chosen the perfect gift for a cyclist (LCC membership perhaps??) you surely need the perfect wrapping paper. Thames & Hudson publishers have ingeniously packaged  12 different sheets of hip paper designs as a large book complete with (matching) gift tags. The designs, they say, are inspired by their recently published book of cycle photos called Cyclepedia (which got a thumbs up from London Cyclist magazine). If you look carefully on the two sheets of wrapping that display bike frames you will indeed find bizarre frame shapes that can only have come from the Cyclepedia collection. The rest of the sheets feature wheels, chain sets, chains and spokes, mostly in the fluorescent colours of current trainers. 

The standard size folded sheets won’t, of course, cover a whole bike but for books and small accessories they are ideal. The price, £12.95 for 12 sheets plus tags, works out at just over a pound per perfectly wrapped  gift.