Cyclist arrested after fatal collision with tourist in Camden

A 27-year-old cyclist has been arrested after the death of a female tourist who was knocked down by a bicycle in Camden.

Marian Anderson, 56, who was on holiday from Denmark with her daughter, was hit while crossing Lidlington Place on 21 February. She died in hospital from head injuries on 1 March. The cyclist involved stopped at the scene.

The man was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter and bailed on Friday 19 March after attending a police station in central London. He was bailed until a date in May pending further inquiries.

The incident received widespread media coverage, including stories in the Sun newspaper and on BBC London television news.


Oh dear, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and what a disaster for cycling in London. We cannot collectively bury our heads in the sand and ignore the fact that we cyclists are now the number one hate figure on London's roads. Not black cabs, not white van man, but vulnerable us. How did this happen? Simple: about half of all cyclists ignore red lights and in doing so are ignoring the pedestrian crossing that is part of that junction's control system. I am not pre-judging this accident, but it is fact that cyclist/pedestrian collisions are happening every day as result of red-light running. Unless we address this problem we are going to end up with registration numbers, insurance and probably a road tax as well. Our precious freedom to go as we please will be gone, and the number of cyclists will plummet with it. We need a "stop on red" campaign in place urgently to tackle anti-social cycling.
Chris Davey

@Dan These are both relevant questions, but no more is known at this time.
Mike, LCC

I have seen this story on various sites but none of them have any details about the crash, did the tourist just step into the road? did the cyclist jump a light?