Cyclist dies in another London tipper lorry crash

We are saddened and distressed to report that a woman cyclist died early on Monday morning after being run over by a 32 ton lorry in Hackney. The crash happened as the lorry turned left out of Seven Sisters Road into Amhurst Park.

As yet the police have not named the victim, said to be a 30 year old woman. She suffered severe injuries and died at the scene within minutes of the first report.

Witnesses said that she was riding up the hill in very slow moving traffic. As reported in the Evening Standard a scaffolding lorry was immediately behind the tipper lorry. The driver and passenger were interviewed by the police, one of the scaffolders said: "We were behind and it was turning left and and she was on the inside and was dragged under the lorry".

Local cyclists know this as a very frightening junction where two of the Transport for London Road Network routes divide. Most collisions have happened where southbound traffic streams into the six lane Seven Sisters road from Amhurst Park or where northbound traffic turns right into Amhurst Park. There is minimal protection for cyclists from the 2 metre cycle track where they wait and give way to traffic joining the main road.

The diagram shows where the southbound lorry made a sharp turn. The 9 metre lorry would have had to pull right across the entrance to Amhurst Park before swinging sharply to the left, trapping the cyclist in its path. Broken sections of the woman's cycle were strewn across the road just before the pedestrian crossing.

LCC CEO Ashok Sinha said today, "This tragedy happened at a major road intersection where maintaining the flow of motor traffic has been prioritised. It remains unsafe for cycling. This junction is not part of Mayor's "Better Junction" program but like many others it could easily be improved to minimise the danger from turning vehicles.

"We extend our deepest sympathy to this woman’s family and friends. It is the first cyclist death in London in 2015, we are hoping to see an improvement on the poor fatality record of the last three years."

Transport for London are in discussion with Hackney and Haringey boroughs to develop a cycle super highway route heading towards the City several hundred metres east of the crash location. That. however, will do nothing for cyclists heading to and from the West End along the A503 route. Further south plans to improve Seven Sisters road through Islington have been delayed for a year or two. Nothing is planned for the current Mayor's term of office.

It has been reported by Haringey Independent that the lorry driver involved has been arrested but as yet we do not know if he has been charged with any offence. The fifteen year old lorry was carrying a roll-on roll-off waste container. Similar to the lorries involved in the cyclists' deaths at Ludgate Circus in April and October 2014. This lorry was heavily loaded with scrap metal and crushed cars for re-cycling.

A lorry of this age and type is currently exempt from requirements for updated mirrors and sideguards introduced by the European Commission in 2006. It would have have to be upgraded if the traffic orders establishing the Mayor and London Council's Safer Lorry Scheme come into force. The consultation on the traffic orders closed just before Christmas. In this instance we do not yet know if these additional features would have made a difference. That detail will most likely not become public until there is a court case or coroner's inquest into the death.

LCC has campaigned strongly for safer lorries to be introduced on our roads. We were dismayed that older lorries were exempted from the improvements in 2006, and that it is taking so long to bring in improvements for every lorry in London.