Cyclist fatality involving tipper truck at Bank


A second cyclist has been killed in a collision less than 24 hours after a man was killed in a crash involving a car in Harrow. Hit by a tipper truck at Bank, the female victim was treated at the scene but died of her injuries. London Cycling Campaign extends our sympathies to the bereaved.

The victim of this crash has now been named as Ying Tao, 26, a managment consultant who was cycling on her way to work with the PwC company. Originally from China she was an Oxbridge graduate and she was only recently married.

As reported in the Evening Standard her grieving husband, Jin, said: "She was the perfect wife and perfect in every way. She was smart as well as beautiful".

LCC CEO Ashok Sinha said “The six-way junction at Bank is dreadful throwback to a past, car-dominated era. Without knowing the precise circumstances of today’s tragedy, fatalities like this underline how urgently we need proper, protected space for cycling, especially at junctions.”

About half of all cyclist deaths in London are caused by collisions with lorries, with construction lorries being the main vehicle type involved. LCC is calling for protected space for cycling at junctions and on main roads and for safer lorry designs to be adopted across the industry.

This woman is the eighth cyclist to die on London streets in 2015. Six of the previous fatalities involved heavy goods vehicles.

 Image taken from the Evening Standard