Cyclist killed on stretch of Clapham cycle route identified as dangerous in 2008

The death of a cyclist in Clapham has prompted campaigners to ask why a dangerous cycle route wasn't improved when major problems with the road layout had already been identified by Transport for London.

A 49-year-old female cyclist died instantly after being hit by van on Cavendish Road at around 11am on Sunday 31 July 2011.

An inspection ride that took place in 2008, attended by local London Cycling Campaign members, identified the section of London Cycle Network+ Route 5 (LCN+ 5) between Poynders Road and Abbeville Road as a major problem.

A full review "to determine how the junction should be redesigned" was recommended (CRISP, 24 June 2008).

LCC's Mike Cavenett lives nearby: "This is a junction I avoid because it includes dangerous right turns in both directions. It's long needed a major redesign to reduce danger for cyclists."

The London Cycle Network+ was a project to create a 400-mile citywide network of safe cycle routes.

It was only around 60% finished when cut by Mayor Boris Johnson in 2008, with the incomplete 40% comprising a large number of major barriers to safe cycling.

Anyone with information about the fatal crash should contact the police via or call 101.