Cyclists advised to stay safe in London's parks at night

A double warning is going out to London cyclists, to make sure they're properly visible in parks at night, and to be cautious riding through secluded areas in the dark.

LCC has heard of cyclists being knocked off their bikes when riding through secluded areas at night, and Burgess Park in Southwark is one hotspot that police are monitoring.

Communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "It tends to be lone riders going along secluded paths that attract thieves. Sometimes it's a good idea to change your route in the winter months."

Brightlights campaign aims to keep cyclists seen
Central London's Safer Parks Teams have also warned cyclists to make sure their lights are adequate to see and be seen late at night.

The Brightlights campaign in central London could see cyclists in parks penalised if they're not sufficiently visible. After an initial ‘education’ period £30 Fixed Penalty Notice can be issued to those who fail to comply.

Metropolitan Police Sergeant Polly Rowell said, "People often don’t realise that some bike lights, particularly those with just one or two LEDs, are really difficult to see in the gloomy park environment. And riding without lights is a complete no-no."