Videos from 2004 and 2011 show how little has changed at Blackfriars

In May 2004 over a thousand cyclists joined the mass ride memorial to Vicki McCreery who died under the wheels of a bus as she cycled across Blackfriars Bridge.

Her friend Kirsten sent us this video of the memorial ride:

Vicki was the second cyclist to be killed on Blackfriars Bridge that year.

As a result of the deaths, TfL promised to review cycling provision at the bridge and across London. New lanes were put in northbound and half the junction was improved. They also promised to improve it all after the rail station was re-built.

Why do cyclists still have to protest?

This year, cyclists were so enraged by the failure of TfL to design a safer junction and to abandon the 20mph speed limit that we took to the streets again.

Many of us remember, and took part in, the ride for Vicki, and we do not want to have to repeat it for someone else.

You can follow the assembly meeting on the London Assembly webcast. The motion is in section 8 of the agenda and comes up 1hour and 55 minutes from the start.