Cyclists in central London warned to beware two dangerous bag-snatchers on a motorbike

Londoners are being warned to beware of two men on a motorbike who have committed a series of violent robberies against cyclists, snatching bags from cyclists as they're going along, taking valuables and putting the riders in danger.

Emma, a 25-year-old female Londoner, has written to us telling how she was violently robbed while cycling along Clerkenwell Road on Friday 6 September at around 8pm.

The police have confirmed that this robbery is one of a series of similar attacks, and they're taking action to track down the culprits who've been snatching bags from people on bicycles.

A spokesperson for the police Cycle Task Force said, "This case is sadly part of a series, but that series is being investigated with a view to identifying and targeting the offenders. I hope that is some comfort to the victim."

Emma, who asked for her full name not be published, sent us the following account of being robbed: 

"On Friday evening at approx 8pm, I was cycling down the Clerkenwell Road, towards Old Street, in the cycle lane. Suddenly a dark coloured motorbike with two men wearing all black, came out of nowhere - they begun driving incredibly close to me, deliberately trying to destabilise me as I cycled.

"As I struggled not to fall from my bike, the rider on the back of the bike reached out and started tugging at my bag, which was jammed into my bike basket. I usually strap the bag to my back, but had been shopping and decided to put it into my basket as it was very heavy. 

"The rider on the back of the bike couldn't pull my bag from the basket, and so the bikers grabbed onto my bike and, as we were both still moving, they managed to detach my entire basket. I struggled to control my bike and avoid falling or being pushed off, but luckily I was unharmed. They then sped away down a side street with my basket, bag and its contents. This included my purse, house keys, personal letters that contained my address and many other valuable items.  

"Some kind people called the police and stayed with me as I was obviously very shaken at having just been mugged, but more worryingly, having nearly been forced off my bike due to the obscene nature of the mugging. 

"I wanted to share this experience because the men who did this were clearly experienced in doing so, and had very likely been following me for some time, having spotted me a as a 'target' at some earlier point in my journey. They also seemed very confident in carrying out the mugging, positioning themselves perfectly to be able to do this. I never imagined I would be a target whilst actually cycling, particularly on a very busy road before dark, and I have no doubt that these criminals have done this before, or that they won't do it again."

Until the robbers are caught, we ask people to be extra vigilant, especially around central London.

Anyone with any information relating to the crime may contact us, and we'll pass them on to the investigating police officer.