Cyclists ask for removal of unnecessary roadwork signs in Seymour Place, Westminster

This contractor has decided that cycling through a 2m-wide gap is too difficult for most people.

There was no-one there to ask when this photo was taken by an LCC member, but we're tracking down the contractor to see if we can get the signs removed.

UPDATE 27.7.11

Colin Wing, our Westminster co-ordinator said, "This morning I spoke to someone at Laing O'Rourke. He knew about the site but hadn't heard of the 'cyclists dismount' signs. He said he would 'get one of the managers to look into it', though I'm not convinced this will result in the signs' removal.

"I suspect that, in view of the case in St Albans where a cyclist fell into a hole, the contractors' insurer has told them to put out 'cyclists dismount' signs near any excavation."