Tell London Councils and the Mayor to remove the most dangerous lorries from London roads

London Councils' safer lorries consultation closes this Friday 28th February

Make sure you fill in their online form or send a detailed reply before then. London Councils details here

Despite years of lobbying by cycling campaign groups,  and everyone else hoping to reduce danger on our streets, there are still a great many lorries that do not have the basic safety equipment, regarded as standard across the European Union.

What we want to see on our streets – 'Direct Vision' lorries

In January, Mayor Boris Johnson announced he would support London Councils' decision with a traffic order banning unsafe lorries from all the major roads he controls.

We need you to tell London Councils and the Mayor to use their powers to ensure that none of these lorries are used on any London street. Please tell them that you fully support their proposals to bring in traffic orders to ban dangerous lorries and to amend the London Lorry Control Scheme permit conditions to exclude unsafe vehicles.

Last year Philippine de Gerin-Ricard became the only person to be killed while riding a Cycle Hire Scheme bike. The lorry that knocked her down did not have sideguards on the trailer. There is a chance that sideguards could have deflected her fall avoiding the most serious injuries.

There are full details of the sideguard and mirror regulations in the documents linked to the London Council's website.

'Off-road' construction industry vehicles are not safe

Many lorries are exempt from the rules regarding sidegards and class six mirrors becuase they claim to be built for 'off-road' use despite the fact that 99% of their working week is spent on public roads and the 'off-road' sites they use do not require heavy-duty vehicles.

Class six mirrors are essential for lorries to see pedestrians crossing the road and to give the driver full view of the area in front of the cab. With these mirrors, and standard side mirrors, a driver should be able to see any cyclist in an ASL or bike box area at junctions.

A small percentage of older lorries do not yet need these mirrors as they were on the road before the mirrors were required by law. There may be a few hundred other on-site concrete lorries exempt from all safety rules because they are classed as engineering plant not lorries.



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