Cyclists urged to email City of London to support more one-way streets reverting to two-way

Cyclists are being urged to email their support for proposals to revert 10 one-way locations in the City of London to two-way for cycling.

As reported on the Cyclist in the City blog, the City of London has opened a consultation until Thursday 8 September 2011, and all cyclists are being urged to email showing their support.

The streets that could be affected are:

  • Little Britain
  • Stoney Lane/White Kennett St/Cutler St
  • Aldermanbury St
  • Copthall Ave/Great Swan Alley
  • Carmelite St/Tallis St
  • Kingcote St/Watergate
  • Carter Lane/Creed Lane
  • Russia Row/Trump
  • Old Jewry
  • Furnival St/Norwich St

All the streets are fairly minor, but converting them to two-way for cyclists provides helpful ways to navigate the City more safely (by potentially avoiding larger roads) and more directly.

The latest proposal comes after the City successfully converted six one-way streets to two-way in 2010.

City police support the measure

According to the City of London's own figures, concerns over safety over the first batch of streets that reverted to two-way proved groundless, and there have been large increases in cycling on those routes.

City Police also praised the earlier reversions to two-way, saying they'd caused no crashes and that "the ability for cyclists to avoid busy streets will be a contributing factor in improving road safety".

There's more information about the proposals on the City of London website.

Please email by Thursday 8 September 2011 to show your support.