Cyclists urged to lobby councils using new LCC guide

LCC has produced a lobbying guide for cyclists to make sure their local council is planning the right provisions in their area.

You can download the 'Rough Guide to Local Implementation Plans' using the link on the right.

Councils have been encouraged by LCC members to include cycling provision in their Local Implementation Plans (the deadline for these was 21 September 2009). These plans set out how the boroughs will spend their transport budget for the following year.

LCC is also urging cyclists to lobby their councils to produce an up-to-date cycling strategy, which sets out how the borough will provide for cyclists, and encourage new ones, over the next few years.  

Locals must lobby for cycle provision
In a change from established practice, this year funding for cycling is no longer allocated centrally by the mayor; rather, each borough must set aside a portion of its own transport budget. Lobbying can play a key role in this decision.

Councils have no obligation to produce a cycling strategy under current rules. Some councils have none, while others have outdated documents. LCC is urging cyclists to join the push to move cycling strategies up the priority list.

To get involved in your area, contact your local LCC group using the link on the right.

Insider information on council lobbying
LCC's 'Rough Guide...' offers insider information on how to encourage councils to invest in cycling.

Cycling development officer Charlie Lloyd said, “It's now more important than ever that cyclists engage with councillors and council officers to ensure there's a cycling strategy in their area.

"At the very least, we must ensure we protect existing plans to implement the London Cycle Network (LCN).”