Cyclists urged to sign petition calling for Archway to be two-way again

photo The Archway one-way system increases danger for cyclists and pedestrians in the area

Cyclists are being urged to sign a petition calling for the Archway one-way system to be returned to two way.

NB: The petition is only open until Monday 18 April 2011.

Local campaigners have identified a large sum of money that could be spent improving the public spaces in the area.

They argue that the most effective change that could help regenerate the area is returning the streets to the more people-friendly layout that existed before the 1960s one-way system was introduced.

The scheme could be paid for by a £2 million grant that is earmarked for public realm improvements in the area, with potentially more money coming from the Cycle Superhighway project and further cash from a new fund for tackling London’s air pollution.

There are concerns that Islington Council favours minor changes to the Archway area, even though money is available to rebuild the whole area.

So far the following organisations are supporting the move:

Islington Cyclists Action Group (LCC)

Better Archway Forum

Highgate Society

Islington Living Streets