DAHON Mu Uno, £480, www.uk.dahon.com

Dahon is well known for its vast range of folders and in previous tests we've been impressed by their ultra-competitive pricing and spec, but felt the looks and build lagged behind the very best (like Birdie or Brompton). However, the Mu Uno answers those criticisms in full. So called because it’s a singlespeed, it's easy on the eye, well-crafted and very good value.

The sub-£10kg bike is the lightest tested here by far and folds down to the smallest package — a super-compact 78x66x26cm (including Suntour folding pedals). It’s a 20in-wheel model, with aluminium fork and chassis, Kinetix rims and drivetrain, Schwalbe Marathon tyres, and comes in any colour you want as long as it’s black. Unusually, the Mu Uno comes with its front caliper brake in a box and only the rear Shimano coaster brake fitted. To stay legal, you’ll need two braking systems; though in practice the 'kick brake' works very well, and the clean lines and weight-saving mean the one-brake option will always be a temptation.

You’ll probably know immedately whether the Mu Uno is worth investigating. No, it won’t tick everyone’s boxes, but a certain breed of minimalist city dweller won’t understand why you need anything more. Perfect for architects and well-heeled fashion students.

PROS looks, weight
CONS won’t suit everyone