Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson attends the London Disability Cycling Forum (LDCF)

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson at LDCF
Photo Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson at LDCF (copyright Wheels for Wellbeing)

Dame Tanni, gold medal wheelchair racer, attended one of the LDCF’s regular meetings to show her support and to find out how to encourage more people with a disability to cycle.

The LDCF is an informal network which supports disabled people to cycle. As cycling is beginning to feature more heavily in transport planning, public health and carbon reduction strategies, very little attention is directed towards all ability cycling.

Dame Tanni says, ‘There are of course barriers to be overcome in trying to raise awrenss of cycling as an activity for disabled people.'

'I found it interesting to meet people on the ground who have direct experience of cycling, be this on 2, 3 or 4 wheels, and on or off the road. If was great to hear their thoughts on how to encourage more disabled people to cycle.’

Regular attendee of the LDCF meetings Neil Smith and suffers from balance difficulties rides a trike around town.

He says, ‘Disabled people enjoy the same benefits from cycling as anyone such as being physically active, building self confidence and reducing stress, but disabled people can also benefit from the increased mobility which cycling provides. On top of this, cycling can help to change attitudes towards disabled people.’

For more information on the London Disability Cycling Forum and Wheels for Wellbeing (a social inclusion charity which hosts the LDCF meetings), use the link on the right.

Use the link below to go to LCC's all ability cycling guide.