Extreme danger at new junction on Cycle Superhighway 2

Junction re-building work at the corner of Sugar House Lane E15 began last week, exposing cyclists using the CS2 Cycle Superhighway to increased danger.

The separated cycle track has been obliterated and turned into a motor vehicle lane. Cyclists are directed to ride on the footway, putting them out of sight of lorry drivers turning in and out of the building site. The new temporary layout puts cyclists at risk. Many are confused by the layout, with some staying on the main road as shown below.

Currently hundreds of 32 ton tipper lorries are using this junction every week. They go to and from the construction works on the massive Strand East housing and business development.

Rather than give any consideration to reducing the risk to vulnerable road users, as the law requires, the contractors have simply put up a "Cyclists Give Way" sign.  This removes the priority given to cyclists on every other junction along the Superhighway route. Cyclists are expected to look over their right shoulder, and around a blind corner, to give way to the lorries coming at speed to the junction.

The new junction is being built by Peak, a devleopment and construction company working for LandProp the housing development subsidiary of IKEA. The traffic managment changes are being made their contractors Fox.

It appears that the developers want to be in a position to blame the victim if there are any casualties with dangerous lorries at this junction.

Apart from an undated notice on the Strand East website we are not aware of any consultation on the junction design or on the management of cyclists and pedestrians during the work. No details were posted to the London Roadworks website.

London Cycling Campaign has not seen any details of the proposed design for the new junction. We have already had serious concerns about other junctions along this section of the Cycle Superhighway which expose cyclists to avoidable risk from fast left turning traffic.  Recently the Times reported on a survey that found that the junction at Warton Road, 400 metres away, has the worst casualty record for any junction in Britain.

This cyclist is expected to see over his right shoulder and give way to tipper lorries turning left. This layout puts the cyclists outside the view of the driver's mirrors.

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