Deadline for nominations to the LCC Board approaching

A quick reminder that the deadline for nominations to the LCC board is 5pm on Monday 20th August, so if you are interested in becoming a Board member please make sure that you have submitted a nomination form signed by you and a proposer and seconder to the LCC office by this date. Election of Board members will take place at LCC’s Annual General Meeting on October 16th.

LCC’s Board of Trustees comprises of elected members whose key responsibilities include setting the strategic direction of the organisation, ensuring that it meets the requirements of the charity commission, and implementing good governance.

2008 will be the first year in our new five year strategy, which defines all the work that we do. In recognition of how much cycling in London has changed over the last five years and how the landscape we face, in every debate from climate change to the Olympics and transport to health, is radically different from how it looked five years ago, the Board is keen to seize the opportunity for a fundamental rethink of how we campaign, deliver our services to best effect and raise money to fund this work for the new strategy. 2008 will therefore be an exciting time to be a Board member of an organisation that is changing London. As well as this, 2008 will be LCC’s 30th birthday, making it a profile year.

If you’d like to know more about Board members’ responsibilities or have any questions, please use the form below or call us on 020 7234 9310. If you would like to download a nomination form, please use the links on the right.