Deciding where to go

First you need to decide where to ride and how far you plan to go. Most leisure rides are designed to avoid heavy traffic. Many will include quiet roads however and you will probably have to go through traffic to get to the beginning of a traffic free route.

You also need to plan the distance you intend to travel. Eight to ten miles per hour is about right for a leisurely ride. However do not forget to include time for refreshments.

Planning a route is easy with the many books and maps available for cycling journeys. The 19 London Cycle Guides indicate whether the routes are on roads, next to the road, or completely traffic free. 

Click on "London Route Maps" on the right for more information. 

If you use a book as a guide for a particular ride, it is often useful to have another map too. With an Ordnance Survey map or the A-Z you can go off the route if you want to explore.