Dedicated police unit tackles bike theft in Hackney

PC Maz Lovegrove and PC Nicola Irvine

photo PC Nicola Irvine (outside left) and PC Maz Lovegrove (outside right) with bike owners Thomas Georgson and Leon Lahovich.


The recently established Hackney Cycle Crime Unit, comprised of PC Maz Lovegrove and PC Nicola Irvine, has already reunited 14 bikes with their owners.

In other separate operations, the unit have recovered 9 high-value bikes worth £6,000.

PC Lovegrove explains, 'All too often bikes are seen as a soft target for thieves looking to make money. Our team is focused on cracking down on bike thieves, reuniting stolen bikes with their owners and working with residents and visitors to help prevent them from becoming victims of bike theft or vandalism.'

Yvonne Adenly, the happy owner of one of the recovered bikes, said, ‘I was amazed and delighted to get my bike back. Fortunately, I had made a note of the frame number so the police was able to trace it back to me. I would urge every cyclist to keep a record of their frame number.’

PC Lovegrove and PC Irvine work with local bike shops to encourage them to register the frame number and contact details at the point of sale.

Those bikes that can’t be traced bike to their owners are donated to local cycling groups such as Pedal Power and STA Bikes.