Departing Mayor orders redo of Old Street CS1 shared space

Apex CS1 picture copyright: Nicholas Sanderson

As one of his last acts as Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has signed an order to TfL to redo the "Apex" junction at Old Street on Cycle Superhighway CS1. The Mayor's directive says: "TfL recently completed a significant remodelling of Apex Junction in Shoreditch as part of Cycle Superhighway 1. The junction is one of TfL’s 33 'Better Junctions' being redesigned to make them safer and less threatening for cyclists and pedestrians. The scheme which has been built differs from the visual illustrations contained in the consultation and which were approved for construction and is causing pedestrian-cyclist conflict and confusion. The Mayor therefore directs TfL to construct the scheme so that it more closely reflects the visual illustrations in the consultation report."

Johnson also further directs TfL and contractors to create a proper "modal filter" to stop motor vehicles using Pitfield Street, to create separate and parallel cycle crossings, and to get on with changes to Balls Pond Road to include a two-way track.

These changes are very welcome, but there remains a further fundamental issue with the CS1 scheme that Johnson has not addressed: there is a lack of appropriate modal filtering elsewhere on the route - with too many sections remaining too busy for a "Quietway", which is what CS1 fundamentally is. That said, hopefully not only will the controversy and conflict this scheme has caused soon be dealt with, but also hopefully lessons will be learned about the suitability of shared space schemes in areas with very high flows of pedestrians and those cycling.