Department for Transport to make cycling contraflows easier to create

photo Signs like this are common in Brussels and Paris, where nearly every one-way street is two-way for cyclists

The rule that forbade local authorities from simply adding an 'except cyclists' sign to existing No Entry signs is expected to be removed in 2011.

The change to the Department for Transport's signing rules will make it easier for councils to allow cyclists to travel in both directions again along streets that have been converted to one-way.

Councils wanting to allow cyclists to cycle in a contraflow direction have until recently been expected to build expensive engineering measures to create a dedicated contraflow cycle lane at the entry point to the one-way street.

Alternatively, they have had the option to use ‘no motor vehicles’ signs, but these aren't popular because many motorists don't understand what the 'flying motorcycle' means.

LCC has long favoured the move, and the DfT's decision comes after successful trials of the new signs in several London boroughs, including Kensington and Chelsea, Hackney and Lambeth. The new rules will apply across Britain.