Develop and support the Management Committee

It’s a time of significant growth and change at the central organisation of the London Cycling Campaign. We are becoming a larger, more formalised organisation run by professional staff. I think that’s right if the Campaign is to thrive in the modern-day voluntary sector. At the same time we are seeing a burgeoning of voluntary activity - particularly by members in the Borough Groups - all the more reason why we need a strong team at the centre.

Having a director and a management structure allows the management committee to step back a bit and take a strategic view of what we’re doing. It means we can focus more clearly on our job of keeping the LCC to its stated aims, keeping it legal and making sure we’re accountable to you, our members.

This year we’ve begun to diversify our membership by approaching people from outside the immediate circle of the LCC and inviting them to be co-opted onto the committee. This will both increase the range of perspectives of the members of the committee and widen the areas of influence for the LCC. We’ve also improved communication and reporting arrangements with the staff team so that we plan better together and speak with a united voice. And we’ve moved closer to being the governing body which is less involved in the day-to-day affairs of the organisation and more able to look at the bigger picture.

Crispin Truman