Disappointment at treatment of Waltham Forest cycle lane

Local cyclists have criticised the installation of a barrier in the middle of a London Cycle Network+ path in Waltham Forest.

The metal posts form a potentially dangerous obstruction in Walthamstow’s Snaresbrook Road.

The barrier is part of a new puffin junction for nearby Forest School, and is part of the school’s travel plan to encourage pupils and parents to walk to school or use the bus.

Barrier could be a dangerous obstruction
Co-ordinator of LCC's Waltham Forest group Gerhard Weiss said: “The first I knew about the barrier was when I nearly rode into it one evening. It's a black, rigid obstacle in the centre of the cycle track. When I emailed the council, they did at least put some reflective tape on it.”

“LCC wholeheartedly welcomes measures to get school users out of their cars, but this treatment is fairly typical of how LCN+ is implemented in Waltham Forest. The cycle paths are put in, but no-one worries about the important details.”

Narrow the road for everyone's benefit
"I can't understand why the road wasn't narrowed so cars must slow and the pavements are wider. This would have given space for the cycle lane and made the crossing safer for everyone."

A spokesperson for Waltham Forest Council said, “We advise cyclists is to slow down and go around the barrier. In an ideal world, we would narrow the road, but it's a very fast road.”