Beat those New Year's resolutions with cycling and an LCC membership

Forget the gym membership - get your bum on a saddle and join the London Cycling Campaign

With the indulgence of Christmas over, it’s time to start thinking about what 2014 will hold and the exciting prospect of a fresh year is at the forefront of many people’s thoughts. It’s standard practice to make New Year’s resolutions, work tirelessly to keep them up and then crack when someone in the office brings in that box of chocolates that they forgot about and found lurking behind the Christmas tree, or give in to the temptation of a glass of wine when the return to work gets the better of you.

So, what if someone offered you a one-stop solution that would help you tick-off all those commonly made New Year’s resolutions and keep them up for 365 days instead of 365 minutes, all for the monthly sum of less than the price of a cappucino? Listen up, as the London Cycling Campaign shows you how becoming a member of LCC and cycling will help even the weakest among you stay on the right side of your resolutions this year.


• Lose weight and get fit
Research shows that people who ride a bicycle even short distances can reduce their risk of premature death, predominantly due to the reduction of heart disease by 22%. It’s also a great way to start exercising as rather than having to find extra time to fit it into your routine, you are using slots that already exist; like on your commute, and you’ll be getting fitter by the day, without really trying.

• Quit smoking
One of the most important things to do when you’re trying to give up the fags is to keep your mind active and your hands busy, to fend off the moment that you want to reach for the carton and have a puff! By riding a bicycle, not only are your hands firmly on the wheel and off the ciggys, but your concentration is fixated on the road. Because you’re exercising as well, you’ll be able to notice how much fitter and easier you’re getting, thus encouraging you to quit for good.

• Learn something new
If you haven’t been on a bicycle since your younger years then you’ve already smashed this! Although, like the saying goes, you never forget how to ride a bike. After a few years out of the saddle, it’s amazing how new and invigorating cycling can feel. You can also get some cycle training, and many London councils offer this for free. As well as making you feel more confident on the road some offer help with route planning, and for those of you already converted to two-wheel travel, there’s always something more to learn and you’ll be surprised how beneficial one of these sessions can be.  

• Read more  
London Cycling Campaign members receive London Cyclist magazine direct to their door. Packed full of latest cycling news, bike and product reviews, interviews and special guest columnists, this quarterly release will be a welcome addition to your reading list. You can also sign up to receive our weekly and monthly e-zines if you want to feed your mind with even more material. 

 Get out of debt and save money
Along with the third party insurance that comes with an LCC membership package and the reduction in travel costs that comes from riding a bike, you’ll have that credit card paid off in no time.

• Spend more time with family
Another bonus of riding a bike is that you’ll spend less time sitting in traffic or coping with delays on public transport, and as a result have more time to do the things you enjoy; like spending time with your loved ones. If you can encourage them to get on two wheels as well, you can all go for a cycle together and benefit from a London Cycling Campaign family membership; £61 for two adults and any number of children (under 16) living at the same address.

• Travel to new places
Just by hopping on the saddle, you’ll immediately discover a whole wealth of new places that you never knew existed before by taking new routes. What’s more, if you’re an LCC member you’ll gain access to a network of cyclists offering free rides and events in your neighbourhood. Our local groups put on free rides every weekend, ranging from leisurely outings to more sporty rides … so you can add ‘meet new people’ to the resolutions you’ve made and kept too. 

• Be less stressed
Cycling makes you happy. FACT. The wind against your skin on a bright day and your heart pumping as you ascend that hill, and of course the exhilaration of the downward leg. Riding your bike can be a lovely experience – check out this article on urban design as well, with more facts on why cycling makes your life much less stressful.

• Volunteer and give something back  
The London Cycling Campaign always welcomes new volunteers from every kind of background for opportunities within LCC. Whether it’s helping us out in head office, volunteering to sign up new members at events, or working with our campaign teams at a local level, we’re always looking for new people. Don’t forget as well that by becoming a member you’re also giving to charity, as your membership fee acts as a valuable donation and helps support our campaign efforts.

• Drink less
Once you’re cycling everywhere you’ll be drinking much less when you go to the pub to meet your friends, although we can’t promise that you won’t get the train home with your bike instead … we’re not that good!

Join London Cycling Campaign today.