Don't miss your chance to shape the future of London cycling by voting in our trustee election

Any London Cycling Campaign members who haven't voted in our 2012 trustee election are being encouraged to vote now to avoid missing the Monday 12 November deadline.

Their final trustee election ballot reminder was emailed to their registered email address on Tuesday 6 November.

Nearly one thousand members have already voted in this year's trustee election, giving it the highest participation in our 34-year history.

This year is the first in which our trustee election has been conducted using an electronic ballot, and members have a record number of candidates (see the 18 profiles) to choose from when voting for the five trustee vacancies on our board.

All members are encouraged to take part, so they can play their part in shaping the future of London cycling.

Voting is restricted to paid-up members (why not join today?) and for this reason electronic ballots are only sent directly to a member's email address.

Note, however, that the deadline for non-members to join and vote has now passed.

If you're a member and you haven't received an email ballot, please contact us immediately on 020 7234 9310.

Members can also vote in person at our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 14 November, if they haven't voted electronically, and the election result will also be announced.