Ealing CC demands improved access to borough's busiest train station

The Ealing Cycling Campaign has staged a demo calling for improved access to Ealing Broadway station, the borough’s busiest train station.

The protest in September was supported by local politicians and the general public who all want to see the implementation of measures to give the elderly and disabled adequate access to the platforms.

First Great Western, operator of the station, has so far resisted calls to improve the station design.

Andy Hillier from the Ealing Cycling Campaign said:

‘It’s hugely disappointing in this day and age that Ealing Broadway station is a no-go area for those who struggle to negotiate stairs.’

Local MP Angie Bray also voiced her support to improve access to the station’s platforms:

‘I have been campaigning with members of the Ealing Cycling Campaign for some years to get improvements to the station […]. We are continuing to push hard, and with the support of the council, we are hopeful that we will get some progress.’