Ealing Council reverses decision on dangerous McDonalds plans

We’re pleased to hear that Ealing Council have reversed a planning decision which would have created danger to cyclists on the new East-West cycle superhighway. 

Ealing Council’s planning committee granted permission to McDonalds for a drive-through restaurant on the A40 at Gipsy Corner eight weeks ago. As the diagram below shows, the plans included an access road that would have meant that instead of two cycle tracks and a separate pedestrian pavement, pedestrians and cyclists would have to share a single path. The new exit from the A40 would also present a hazard for cyclists from vehicles turning left into McDonalds.


Picture: Ealing Cycling Campaign

After Ealing Cycling Campaign raised concerns with the council and Transport for London about these dangers, the planning committee agreed to revisit the decision. At a meeting on Wednesday 18th March the committee refused permission by a 3-2 vote, the remaining 8 committee members abstaining. Pat Hayes, Director for Regeneration and Housing at Ealing Council, and responsible for planning and transport, acknowledged the current scheme would have considerable negative impacts on cyclists and promised to make sure that the design is changed and that the superhighway is not compromised. Thanks to Ealing Cycling Campaign for ensuring the East-West superhighway won’t be compromised by these plans.

Thanks are also due to the Mayor’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan, who intervened and called the plans “well below cycle superhighway standards and potentially unsuitable for both pedestrians and cyclists”, and West Acton Residents’ Association who opposed the decision – and packed out the public gallery at the meeting.