eBay-style auction site aims to reduce online stolen bike sales

Going Going Bike

In July 2010, Going Going Bike launched an online market-place for bicycles and all things cycling-related.

The Going Going Bike site aims to be a more reliable places to sell and buy second-hand bikes online.

The site encourages vendors to verify sales using frame numbers, which it's hope will make it harder for thieves to use the platform to fence stolen bikes.

The online bike auctioning site is the brainchild of Andrew Nethercot, a former City lawyer, and his friend James Johnson.

Frustrated by the problems most people experience when trying to purchase a second-hand bike, such as establishing if the bike is sold by the legitimate owner, Andrew and James are now working to establish a consistent and trustworthy site for the selling and buying of used bikes.

Going Going Bike’s launch event at Look Mum No Hands was attended by the Met’s Cycle Task Force and Kevin Bird who runs Bike Revolution where you can register your bike’s frame number.

Bike Revolution is also pioneering ‘Pulse ID’ tags which can be scanned by smart phone to instantly determine the ownership of a bike.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "The site needs more work to make it foolproof, but with tens of thousands of bikes stolen in London every year, we support efforts to make things harder for thieves."

See below for more details on LCC's Beat the Thief campaign.