European directive to make drivers pay

London Cycling Campaign welcomes the European Commission proposals to make drivers responsible for collisions. Under the proposals there will be a presumption that large vehicles are responsible for collisions with smaller and the onus will be theirs to prove otherwise.

This re-definition would effectively tip the balance away from drivers and vehicles and make a new 'pecking order' on London's streets. All road users will be encouraged to take more care around vulnerable road users - cyclists and pedestrians.

The EC Internal Market Directorate has got it right - motorists should be responsible - they are the cause of over 3500 deaths each year in the UK (over 300 of which were in London). A change in the way motor insurance is set up might encourage them to drive more responsibly. Research shows 66% of drivers admit to speeding - the main cause of road crashes.

Peter Lewis, LCC's Director says, "Encouraging greater care from drivers and large vehicles is key to getting more Londoners on bikes. The idea that the motorist has a duty of care towards the rest of society, especially children, is right and just."

It is worth noting that the Association of British Insurers have stated that, any change to insurance regulations along these lines, would have a "negligible" affect on insurance premiums.

LCC strongly supports the proposal and encourages the UK government to show leadership at the European Parliament debate this Autumn.