Eurostar performs U-turn on new cycle policy

After pressure from London Cycling Campaign, CTC, and other cycle campaigners, Eurostar has performed a U-turn on the new policy that would have required cyclists to strip down and box their bikes before travelling on the service.

Last week, we revealed the results from our Eurostar survey, which found almost all respondents would consider taking their bike by ferry or plane as opposed to Eurostar, if the policy had gone ahead.

The results confirmed exactly what we and other groups argued; that the new cycle policy would deter people from travelling with bikes on Eurostar due the huge inconvenience and impracticality of dismantling and reassembling cycles on the platforms at either end of the journey.

LCC wrote to Nicolas Petrovic on the 12 November, highlighting the survey results and urged him to rethink the policy. On 13 November, Eurostar backed down following pressure from LCC and other campaign groups, and reversed the new policy.

Eurostar told us: 

You may be pleased to hear that we are not intending to maintain the requirement for all bikes to be carried in boxes; we will accept fully-mounted bikes as before.  However, we will still encourage customers to use bike boxes whenever possible, for capacity and luggage protection reasons, and will provide padded boxes to customers who are willing to dismantle their bikes for this purpose.

Folding bikes can still be carried onboard as hand luggage if they are placed in a bike bag which measures 85 cm or less along its longest side, as always.

A great success for LCC and other cycling groups!