Evening Standard newspaper gets serious about cycling

The London Evening Standard is pushing cycling further into the media spotlight with the launch of its new Cycle City blog.

The blog features regularly updated cycling news and comment written mainly by senior ES journalists Andrew Gilligan, Andrew Neather and Charlotte Ross.

Gilligan kicked off the blog with an impassioned defence of riders who don't wear helmets.

Communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "It's great to see that London's politicians and London's media are now taking cyclists seriously."

Broad range of London cycling issues
"We're pleased it's giving coverage to important cycling issues, such as LCC's response to the mayor's Way To Go policy document." (see the link on the right)

"There's also the opportunity to comment on most stories, so if members feel like having their say, this is the place to do it."

The Standard was bought from Associated Newspapers in January 2009 by Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev, and has a new editor Geordie Grieg, former boss of society magazine Tatler.