Everyone Bikes - A new bike shop with a focus on females

Everyone Bikes is a new cycling shop that caters for all but has a female focus.

Here's their story ...

 Everyone Bikes

This new cycle shop has just opened on Northcote Rd, SW11, and is a new kind of cycle shop that puts women at the forefront and aims to make female cyclists feel welcome. They provide a friendly and reassuring environment where you can find the very best in women’s bikes and accessories, plus quality servicing and expert advice. And despite the 'female first' vibe, they haven’t forgotten the rest of the family and also cater for men and children.

Founder and owner, Alex, was bitten by the cycling bug in 2007 when he rode the London to Brighton charity bike ride. It wasn't long before his passion consumed him and he left his job to co-own and set up an independent bike shop. In 2012 something changed whilst he was out shopping with a female friend, and after experiencing what other London retailers were offering women cyclists, Alex felt disappointed and wanted to cater for this growing cycling audience who were clearly under-represented on the High St. He decided to create a space that would help and inspire women cyclists and when building the shop he made sure he listened to what women cyclists need and most importantly, want.

Everyone Bikes stocks a wide selection of brands that they truly support because they are spot-on where women's gear is concerned. They also love Trek, Pashley and Frog for the children, and where clothing and accessories are concerned, they British-based company's Vulpine and Goodordering for their amazing range. As well as products, they've also got a workshop and experienced mechanic on-hand to sort out any problems you might be having with your wheels or just give your bike a service.

Stop by and say hello and you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter @Everyone_bikes.