Extra £15 million for London's dangerous junctions must be the beginning for safer cycling

An extra £15 million has been announced in the 2012 budget for making London's worst junctions less dangerous for cycling. 

Although the extra money is welcome, the figure was described by LCC's campaign officer Charlie Lloyd on the BBC as little more than "a welcome gesture".

This assessment tallies with Mayor Boris Johnson's own pronouncement that £150 million is needed to even start addressing London's dangerous junctions. 

Nevertheless, this money, along with the wide-reaching junction review that's taking place now, looking at hundreds of dangerous junctions in London from a cycle safety perspective, is a sign that planners are taking cyclist safety seriously . 

You, our members and supporters, can take much credit for helping us highlight the issue.

Thousands of you have taken part in protest rides, vigils, email-writing campaigns to the Mayor and MPs, and posted comments, tweets and photos in support of safer junctions at Blackfriars, Kings Cross (see photo), Bow, Parliament Square, and elsewhere.

These efforts resulted us our been invited (with other road user groups) to be deeply involved in the review process, with the aim of making the worst of London's junctions better.

No, this review process isn't perfect:

  • Currently, these are remedial measures, not Go Dutch redesigns
  • There's little new money for these junction changes

However, this is the first time in London's history that Transport for London has proposed such a wide-reaching review with cyclist safety at its centre.

We wholeheartedly welcome an approach that recognises that cyclist and pedestrian safety is of fundamental importance.

To ensure this victory isn't a hollow one, we again ask you to sign or share our petition, so the next mayor knows that Londoners want Dutch principles of cycling safety at the heart of public policy.

This is what's needed, not outdated policies to create more motor traffic.