Extra danger caused by motorbikes in bus lanes trial costing £500k per year

 photo The percentage of motorcyclists speeding in bus lanes increased from 37% to 47% during the trial


The fact that motorcyclist casualties increased by a third during the first bus lanes trial has prompted Transport for London to spend £500,000 per year on education and enforcement.

Adverts broadcast on 'drive-time' radio shows aim to make motorists more aware of motorbikes in bus lanes.

Extra policing is aimed at slowing down motorcyclists, nearly half of whom were found to be speeding, up 10% from before the trial.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "We support measures that increase road safety for all road users, which is why we oppose the trial.

"The first trial showed large increases in road danger for motorcyclists, and increased risk for cyclists.

"Motorcycle groups and Transport for London have repeatedly failed to highlight the increased risk to motorcyclists and cyclists.

"LCC looks forward to the day when road danger reduction takes precedence over reducing journey times for a small number of people."