Eleven candidates whittled down to five new trustees for London Cycling Campaign board

The first London Cycling Campaign trustee election using STV (Single Transferable Vote) saw 5 trustees elected from a field of 11 candidates, with a total of 873 member votes cast.

The majority of votes were cast electronically, with final voting and the result announced at LCC's 2013 AGM on Saturday 19 October at the London Metropolitan University on Holloway Road.

Chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “Thanks to everyone who stood for election and who voted. We’re sure the new board will continue to drive forward LCC’s successes into our crucial 2014 local election campaign, and we’re delighted to see this year’s board is composed equally of men and women.”

Daniel Barnes is the only entirely new face on this year’s board, and he brings with him an impressive record of individual fundraising, having raised thousands of pounds for the London Cycling Campaign over the past two years.

Daniel was motivated to raise money for LCC after his close friend Dan Cox was run over by a lorry at Dalston Junction in February 2011.

Dan Cox was run over by a left-turning lorry at a major intersection with minimal cycling facilities, and the driver of the HGV was criticised for encroaching into the ASL.

In the two years since that avoidable collision, Dan has fundraised tirelessly and ridden several major European cycling challenges.

Of the other four newly elected trustees, three – Ann Kenrick, Tony Levene and Mustafa Arif – already held senior positions on the board, respectively the Chair of the Board, the Treasurer, and the Chair of the Campaigns and Active Membership committee.

The fifth new board member, Oliver Schick, has also served previously as a trustee, and was formerly chair of the Campaigns Policy committee (now reconstituted as an elected Policy Forum headed by sustainable transport academic Dr Rachel Aldred).

The newly constituted board of trustees met for a brief meeting (see photo above) at the end of our AGM to appoint the new chairs of committee.

Ann Kenrick, Tony Levene and Mustafa Arif retain their positions, while the other board committee chairs for 2013-14 are:

Income-generation committee – David Love

Policy Forum – Dr Rachel Aldred

Finance and administration – Tony Levene

HR - Mel Grech

Local groups forum - Mustafa Arif

2013 trustee election result


1.  Ann Kenrick

2.  Mustafa Arif

3.  Tony Levene

4.  Oliver Schick

5.  Dan Barnes

Many thanks to the following who also stood: Kieran Drake, Richard Miller, Craig Nicol, Francis Sedgemore, Grant Smith, and Ray Whitehouse.