First seven Liveable Neighbourhoods announced

The Mayor of London, his Walking & Cycling Commissioner Will Norman and TfL have announced the first seven boroughs to receive funding for their Liveable Neighbourhood schemes. This is, as our Campaigns Coordinator Fran Graham said in the press release " the first step to delivering the promise the Mayor made to our Sign for Cycling campaign, to enable every London borough to have the chance of such a scheme."

The boroughs, Ealing, Greenwich, Hackney, Haringey, Havering, Lewisham and Waltham Forest are each set to receive an initial £1.25 million to develop their schemes.

Further funding will be contingent on both how that pans out and on the schemes hitting other milestones. The first wave of schemes range from Waltham Forest (an existing mini-Holland borough) asking for £2.3 million to Hackney asking for a total of £10 million.

Boroughs that have not received funding for schemes this year will receive further support and guidance to improve their bids to help them access funding in coming years - with a funding round avaliable every year. As well as the usual central London suspects of Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea, other boroughs that did not bid this year are Barking, Brent, Bromley, Croydon, Enfield, Hammersmith & Fulham, Merton, Newham and Sutton. Some boroughs may have been caught out by the very tight deadline for this years applications, but hopefully our local borough groups can persuade all of those that didn't bid this year to bid next year, and those that did to up their game and get a share of the £114 million total pot with an improved bid.

The schemes are aimed to "involve changes to town centres and their surrounding residential areas to directly improve conditions for walking and cycling, while reducing traffic dominance and supporting businesses by making local town centres more attractive." Schemes feature modal filters to cut rat-running, protected cycle tracks, junction redesigns and a new "cycle street".

Schemes moving forward now are:

West Ealing, Ealing

Proposals include comprehensive improvements along the Broadway and to parallel quieter routes, reduced rat-running in the adjoining residential areas, parking controls, and new walking and cycling routes, including links to the new Elizabeth line station

Greenwich Town Centre, Greenwich

The scheme aims to transform Greenwich Town Centre by removing the dangerous and intimidating gyratory and providing a much more generous pedestrian environment, in particular on the approach to the World Heritage Site. It will also provide a safe cycling route through the town centre

Hackney Central, Hackney

Key routes in the town centre will be transformed by a reduction in traffic, the introduction of two-way protected cycle lanes on Mare Street, a ban on general traffic at the south end of Amhurst Road, and making three dangerous junctions safer, including Pembury Circus

Crouch End, Haringey

Under the proposals, pedestrian and cycling conditions in Crouch End town centre will be improved to help encourage more active travel in the area, tackling congestion and improving air quality and residents' well-being. The proposals, which residents will be consulted on, look to create a new square incorporating the clock tower, currently surrounded by traffic on all sides. Segregated cycle routes will feed the town centre, pedestrian crossings will be improved and traffic will be reduced on residential streets with new modal filters

Romford Town Centre, Havering

The project will enable more walking and cycling in Romford town centre by making the busy Ring Road easier to cross on foot and by bike. Existing subways will be replaced by pedestrian and cycle crossings at street level along with new bus lanes and public spaces

Deptford Parks, Lewisham

Streets in North Deptford will see reduced traffic through new restrictions. Walking and cycling will be transformed by a new north-south traffic-free route along the former Grand Surrey Canal, new Copenhagen crossings, cycle parking, and street lighting. New cycle routes through the park will link to the proposed new Bakerloo line station (New Cross Gate)

Coppermill Village, Waltham Forest

The funding will support the regeneration of St James Street and Blackhorse Road and will create access routes to the newly opened Walthamstow Wetlands. Coppermill Lane will be turned into a 'cycle street', safer junctions and crossings will be added and the area will be improved with new wayfinding and planting

More detail on the announcement at TfL's press office here. And expect more on Liveable Neighbourhoods from us soon!