First steps

Just saying 'we want to be cycle-friendly - how can we help you to ride to work?' is the best place to start.

Talk to your employees, to the ones who already cycle and to everyone else as well; you'll be surprised how many people will get their bikes out of the garden shed with a bit of encouragement. You could start by asking your employees to complete a travel survey; contact us for further information on writing a travel survey.

If you ask employees what they need, you're more likely to get it right. You'll also have a lot less work on your hands if you can find a cycle-champion in the staff, or have people set up a BUG or bicycle user group - more on BUGs later.

If people travel long distances, they'll want to change and maybe shower. If most live close by, you might just want to look at parking facilities and some maps showing the best routes to work.

'We're a small company - we cannot afford to install lots of stuff just for bikes!' That's okay and perfectly understandable. But just a little bit of an effort can make a huge difference, and it's worth spending a bit of time and even money for those happy, healthy employees.

If you can show those in senior management that there are benefits to promoting cycling, you may make the task easier.

And don't forget, you can always join our Corporate Affiliation scheme. We can give you advice on how yo make your company cycle-friendly and set up cycle audits for your company, as well as provide discounts on consultancy services and employee membership, plus much more.