Five golden rules for Cycle Hire

The London Cycle Hire Scheme is generating nearly 15,000 cycle journeys per day, less than a fortnight after its inception. Here are some tips to make your experience as good as possible...

LCC's five golden rules to avoid hiccups

Check your account here There have been some glitches in the system in the first week, so keep an eye on your payments for the first few weeks.

Only get one key per account Most of the errors are associated with accounts with multiple keys. We're sure these will be solved in the next few weeks, but for now it's better to stay safe with one key per account.

Dock your bike properly Make sure the green light comes on when you dock your bike. If you leave it undocked, you could be charged for prolonged usage, or if someone takes the bike.

Check bikes before riding Some bikes still have a rear wheel that doesn't turn freely. This is because the hub brakes should have been worn in before the bikes were deployed. They'll loosen up in time, but in the meantime take one that's easier to ride.

Remember your seat height setting For quick getaways, remember the number on the seat post that suits you best. Your leg should be slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke for the most efficient riding position.