Four new consultations for Kingston

Kingston-Upon-Thames, following Mayoral purdah, is moving forward with its mini-Holland - initiating public consultation on four schemes at once. Wheatfield Way and the Kingston Station area in the town centre are joined by the Fountain roundabout in New Malden and a Kingston to Surbiton route.

We are hosting discussions about how good and bad the new schemes are on Cyclescape - findable on our new Consultation Map. Warning: while some schemes have some segregated tracks, there's far too much "shared space" on the schemes...

If you live or ride in the Kingston area, please do go to the map and contribute your thoughts on the schemes - the more input our local borough campaigners get the better our response to the schemes will be.

You might want to wait for London Cycling Campaign and our borough group to publish their responses, but please do also make sure you respond to the public consultations here.