Fourth plinthers keen to show support for cycling

photo David Rosenberg, aka the Pink Plinther, will ride a pink Brompton spewing bubbles to celebrate London cycling

Three participants of Anthony Gormley's One & Other artwork will use their hour on Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth to support cycling this week.

Steven Norris will attempt to ride 25 miles from midday to 1pm on Thursday 16 July on his plinth-installed road bike.

Another cyclist dressed in pink will create a themed event during his hour on Thursday 16 July from 10pm.

Watch out for the attack of the 'Pink Plinther'
The 'Pink Plinther' (aka David Rosenberg) will appear on a pink Brompton. He'll wear a specially designed costume while the bike powers pink lights and a bubble machine.

David is inviting people to join him in the square with a picnic, and a team of helpers will be handing out oversized rose-tinted glasses to spectators.

“It is amazing how a bike can engender a feeling of friendliness. No-one ever looks at me on this pink Brompton and gives me attitude, because it's fun.”

Mr Rosenberg said: “The bike is a good example of how we can generate our own energy, to have a minimal impact on the environment. The more one can cycle and walk around a city, the more enjoyable the city is. It is the ultimate solution.”

Finally, at 1pm on Saturday 18 July, Neil Ellis will use his time on the plinth to commorate cyclist fatalities since January 2008 in London. His installation will include a banner to symbolise each victim.

Great opportunity to publicise London cycling
Communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "LCC is pleased that so many people are using their moment in the spotlight to highlight the importance of cycling in London."

"Some will be sombre, while others will be frivolous, but all will help play a part in raising the profile of city cycling."

One & Other sees people chosen from a draw of applicants use the empty fourth plinth for an hour each, 24 hours a day, for 100 days.