Fred the Magic Bicycle children's book - signed copies

Fred the Magic Bicycle


Tom Bogdanowicz, the author,  will be signing copies of Fred the Magic Bicycle outside the bike stall and  Buggies and Bikes in Broadway market, Hackney on the morning of Saturday 13th December  

With rave reviews from small children and featured on the Bikehub blog ( Fred the Magic Bicycle is also avaiiable throught the LCC shop on the LCC website .    

Unable to find a children’s book that featured a bicycle, LCC staffer Tom Bogdanowicz decided to write and publish one himself: - Fred the Magic Bicycle is now available through the LCC website shop and a third of the profit goes directly to LCC.

Tom explains:- “There were children’s books featuring lorries, trains, cars and buses but nothing with bicycles so I thought I’ll write one myself. I’m fortunate in having a sister-in-law who is a professional  illustrator and I persuaded her to draw and paint the lovely pictures. London Cyclists’ layout artist, Anita Razak, did the layouts and the book will be distributed though LCC. “

The story, for 0 to 6 year olds, deals with a subject that most London cyclists will be familiar with  – bike theft. Young Dominik’s new bicycle is stolen and he is distraught until his uncle Tom the magician helps out.  The book was written, illustrated and printed in London. It has 26 full colour pages, a durable paperback cover and measures 16cms square. Price £5