Friends' tribute to lorry crash victim

White bike Memorial to Dan Cox, Dalston Credit: Tom Evans
photo Tom Evans White bike Memorial to Dan Cox, Dalston

Friends of Dan Cox, the 28 year old cyclist run over by a lorry last week, placed a memorial white bike at Dalston Junction.  

Since his death Dan's close friends decorated his old bike in a way that he would have enjoyed. He is remembered as a loving, enthusiastic, and supportive person. His friends say by losing him, "the world has lost out". 

Dan had been working as a part time curator at the PayneShurvell art gallery in Shoreditch. Read more about Dan on roadcc.

LCC sends its sincere condolences to Dan's family and all his friends.

Crashes with lorries are the most common cause of death for cyclists in London. Until last week it was six months since a cyclist was killed in this way. If it is going to get better out there, we have to keep working to reduce the risks.

Dalston Junction is recognised as a very difficult junction for cyclists, and all other road users. The very busy North Cross route meets the A10 here. Both roads have poor casualty records for cyclists.

In the previous 12 months there has been one fatality involving a taxi and two very serious injury crashes on this east-west route.

Last month the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney  supported the No More Lethal Lorries campaign with over £700 raised at their annual Burns Night dinner and dance. 

Our campaign is working to raise awareness and encourage all lorry operators to ensure their drivers are cycle aware and have on-bike training.

Support our No More Lethal Lorries campaign by signing the petition asking every council to provide cycle-awareness training for lorry drivers.